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I was surprised, shocked, amazed, nay, utterly astounded! Apparently she had gone to her brother, an engineer who plays chess at a very high level, to ask for help in winning a final chess match with her son before she called it quits. He probably also told her that she needed to practice more to play at a higher level, something that a busy housewife who also took care of aged parents could not afford. That days defeat saw my mother taking me to the library for chess books which could further my chess education without making her pull her hair out in frustration, marking the beginning of a more serious approach to chess preceding the success I was. Now that I have done some growing up, chess no longer holds the same position it once did in my life. My preteen self could probably easily defeat me now, but I still have continued to play casually. Sitting down at a chessboard across from another human being, i feel the world slowing down, and there is a soothing intensity that accompanies a well-played game, even if i end up losing. I am unsure if those feelings are nourished by my childhood experience, or by the nature of the game itself.

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In those days of the floppy disk — when they were still truly floppy — that meant my parents had to spend a few hundred dollars on a childs toy that was not guaranteed to last for more than a couple of years, especially when. I was good at chess, though — i was already on the school team, and sport three years later I would go on to place fourth in my age group at a national tournament. My small but meaningful level of success really was thanks in part to the clunky chess computer my parents bought for me after enduring my begging and whining (their acquiescence was probably also due to the fact that they could no longer defeat their child. It is probably obvious why the game of chess, while torturously boring to most biography people, remains important. The memories of learning, practicing, and winning certainly are dear in my mind, but the game still retains a romance that has seen me continue playing it to this day. My first significant memories of chess centre around my mother, who taught me the basic moves, and then to love and hate the game. Our first matches were even, since we both were groping in the dark when it came to strategy. Slowly, however, i began to defeat her regularly. This was probably due to my more regular exposure to the game (while she did the housework, i could play chess against myself). I began to become accustomed to winning our matches, and thus became complacent and embarrassingly smug, when my beloved mother sprang the delightfully infuriating trap called the Scholars Mate on me, defeating me in a mere four moves.

Reading this has been an exquisite experience of the bittersweet kind, particularly as a reminder of what can happen when for decent people close their eyes just enough to the realities of politics. I dont mean to give a review of the book, though. What I want to say to all the students who flock daily to my website to read my essays (hi!) is this: I read for fun, and thats why i write more effectively than most of you. (I also read to improve myself, but I think thats a topic for another day.). I appreciate the fact that so many of you are coming here to read my writing, but please register the fact that you need to head out to your libraries and bookshops to get reading material for yourself. —, for the adults/parents who dont understand why Im advocating reading for fun, see this research overview of what happens when we read for pleasure (spoiler alert: good things happen). Standard When I was nine, i spent a good number of months begging my parents for a chess computer. .

o level essays

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(552 words ive also posted this under a- level essays because it would be really easy to expand to satisfy the friendship gp marking requirements. I would add sections on: What the anxiety of annihilation. Precarity, how consumerism is threatening the environment (climate change and report pollution) and society (inequality). Standard, i mean it literally: Im sick, im tired. As I sit typing this, i feel like im coughing my throat to shreds, and the lethargy has left my eyes half closed. I just turned my head to look to the right for awhile, and I was surprised by a sharp throb in my head. And for the two days Ill probably take to recover, Ill treat myself. Today im treating myself to a book that has been on my list for awhile, elie wiesels Nobel peace Prize winner, night, an account of his survival as a teenager in the nazi death camps. Its heartbreaking, its heart-wrenching, even though i know from reading other books how horrific those camps were.

After all, who has never jumped at the thought of a discount on something we really want? I admit that from some objective point of view, this consumerist behaviour is excessive. Life should be lived with courage, and if so many of us were not as afraid of annihilation, perhaps we would see more creativity in the form of compassion (creating positive change in society through compassionate acts art (creating beauty and. However, when even millionaires seem to be obsessed about cheap cars or fashion, we must have empathy for them and not condemn their behaviour as excessive when they may be concerned for their children, for whom a million dollars may seem insufficient. This excessive concern with getting things and spending money may be spiritually, psychologically, and socially unhealthy and counterproductive, and must be resisted by those who see the damage that such behaviour can cause. However, to resist this behaviour by labelling it too much is itself counterproductive. As members of global society, we should be more concerned with building and shaping the world into one where nobody will have to feel insecure about the necessities of life, including food, shelter, medicine, and education. Perhaps then we can move from being mere consumers, to create something larger with our lives.

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o level essays

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Given that perception, apparently consumerist tendencies can be seen for what they truly are: the attempt to stave off the constant fear of annihilation by the impersonal forces of the economy. People whose lives seem to revolve around consumer goods sometimes appear to live essentially meaningless lives, since their lives are all about consuming, and not producing. Their consumerist behaviour precludes the productivity of creativity, which to me is the basis of a blue meaningful life. I understand why anyone would label this consumerist behaviour as excessive, the but we must have more empathy for such people. We are all threatened with the anxiety of meaninglessness, but sometimes this is expressed via the anxiety of annihilation.

This annihilation is not just the destruction of our bodies, but the destruction of the key parts of our perceived selves — our social circles, our ways of life, our possessions, and. When government housing (hdb flats) in Singapore can sell for more than S1,000,000 for a 5-room flat, it is no surprise that people feel threatened. Buying consumer goods is an expression of that fear, with each additional acquisition symbolising not just buying power, but the power to survive and thrive in spite of the threats that seem to press from all sides. This expression of fear cannot be condemned as excessive if we are to truly understand the mindsets of such consumers. Moreover, almost all of us actually are those consumers, to some degree.

There are so many things that could go wrong with this, but I find it difficult to imagine a situation where a nuclear strike would be a good thing in todays world. Given a president like barack Obama, it would be less clear that carrying around a fake nuclear football would be the best thing to do, but with. President Donald Trumps alleged mental instability, i find it hard to imagine how that military aide sleeps at night. The lie of the fake nuclear football would, in my mind, be an additional barrier that prevents the world from descending into nuclear apocalypse. Most of us should disregard these cases on the limits of reality and just stick to telling the truth most of the time.

The liberating quality of truth-telling means that even if we suffer temporarily when we stick to honesty, most of us will be better off. We can only wish the best for those stuck in situations where telling the truth is ethically indefensible. (547 words advertisements, standard, in cities near Singapore, like bangkok and kuala lumpur, one is bound to meet the singaporean national bird. This creature utters one incessant cry: so cheap! So many singaporean tourists get labelled as examples of our national bird because we seem to be obsessed with buying things that we perceive as cheap, which is sometimes seen as a larger symptom of the consumerist disease. However, i will contend that the accusation that people are too concerned with getting things and spending money only hides the real cause of that behaviour — the perception of economic insecurity.

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I first have to qualitative say that in the vast majority of situations, telling the truth should be the first option, even if it were to cause pain or suffering somewhere down the line. Sometimes families refrain from telling a cancer patient that they have, say, six months to live, in an attempt to get the patient to be more hopeful to maximise whatever chances there are for recovery. However, this ostensibly compassionate action may cause more harm, especially if it prevents the family member with cancer from making peace with people around him and even with the reality of mortality itself. Many of our white lies often end up this way — with us trying to do good, but ending up harming ourselves and others instead. However, i believe that there are situations where the potential harm is so severe and catastrophic that it would warrant almost any action — including withholding the truth — in order to prevent such harm. Nuclear war would be so severe and catastrophic that any action taken to prevent it would be morally acceptable. Even a limited nuclear war would be devastating to the entire world, and I would never want to be part of the chain of command responsible for such an occurrence. If I were in charge of the military aide carrying President Donald Trumps nuclear football — the bag containing the equipment President Trump would use to launch any nuclear attack — i would probably arrange for a fake bag to be made so that Trump.

o level essays

Only then can the human race continue to make progress and enjoy the sweet smell of success. In sum, fear is good as it will ultimately lead to a well controlled and motivated society. Nevertheless, people must keep in mind that they should not be clouded by fear as it will hinder their progress. I believe that a small dose of fear and a good deal of courage will make a great man as such a man will have the spirit to pursue his goals and the sense to act responsibly in the process. Gce, o, level, 2014, English tuition. Standard, it is safe to say that all of us have lied at some point or other of our lives. Some parents, when asked by young children where babies come from, have sputtered some childish explanation of a stork, or my personal favourite, redirecting the question by saying: you came from the longkang (storm drain)! It is clear that many of us feel that there are situations where we simply cannot tell the truth because — by any objective standard — it would not be the best thing. Individuals may disagree on what particular situations demand falsehoods, but I think it is fairly clear that lies must be told when it contributes to the greater good.

the workforce to ensure that it stays relevant. Hence, we can see that the fear of losing out to others is one of the reasons that has motivated nations to take active steps in improving their economies. Without fear, nations will become complacent and they will eventually fall into a decline. However, although fear is good, man must keep in mind that too much fear may be detrimental to his development. Being overly fearful of the unknown and intangible will prevent people from venturing into areas previously unexplored. For instance, in the area of space exploration, Apollo 11 would have never landed the first humans on the moon if the Americans had let fear get in the way of their dream. As the late john. Kennedy once said, we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard. To achieve great feats, man must learn to conquer his fear and find the courage to overcome the obstacles that life presents.

For instance, despite the numerous wars since world War Two, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan remain the only use of nuclear weapons in warfare. This is because the world is fearful of the widespread devastation that such weapons will bring about. Therefore, the fear of total annihilation has prevented world leaders from acting irresponsibly and going down the path of self-destruction. Next, fear is good as it is a powerful motivator. For individuals such as students and entrepreneurs, the fear of failure will prompt them to points work hard and put in their best effort in their studies and business undertakings. This will lead to results and progress. Similarly for nations, the fear of losing their competitive edge will spur them to constantly improve and reinvent themselves to keep pace with the fast-changing world.

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Fear is the bad feeling that one has when he is in danger or when a particular thing frightens him. A german proverb goes, fear makes the wolf bigger than. This is absolutely true as fear will often cause people to imagine the worst and act irrationally. In that case, can fear be any good? Personally, i think a small amount of fear is good and even necessary as it not only acts as a form of control essay and deterrence but also serves to motivate oneself. Nonetheless, being overly fearful is bad as it will severely hamper mans progress. In this essay, i will discuss how fear can be a double-edged sword, bringing both advantages and disadvantages to man. Fear is good as it deters people from doing dangerous acts and prompt them to control and regulate their behaviour.

o level essays
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Past Papers Below are all the available documents related to Spanish view pdfs on this page you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader. Vba, vlookup function has four parameters. Few people remember that noah s Ark has been the subject of serious feasibility study since at least.

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