Harry potter book summary

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harry potter book summary

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You dont want to stay up all night trying to read the book and write the summary all at once. Plan to take at least two weeks for shorter books and about a month for longer books. Take a little time every day to read. If this is for a school assignment or book club, start reading as soon as the book is assigned. Your teacher or group leader has probably calculated the exact amount of weeks youll need to finish the book and write the summary without stressing out over. 4 re-read important passages.

Harry, potter and the Philosophers Stone, summary

Method 3 reading Carefully 1 Find a quiet place to read without distractions. Pick a spot away from the. Turn your favourite phone on silent and put it aside so it doesnt tempt you. Focus just on the book, essay and enjoy the time youre about to spend reading. You should also make sure youre near a lamp or a window so you dont strain your eyes while reading. 2 read the book in small blocks. To keep yourself from getting overwhelmed, read in 20-minute sessions. If you really enjoy the book, you can read for an hour or two at a time. This will allow you to process the book slowly. 3 Set aside enough time if youre on a deadline.

11 Dont rely on spell-check, as it cant account for context and wont catch grammatical errors like misuse of there, their, and theyre. You may be writing your summary dillard for a book club or your own use. While editing isnt as big a deal in these cases, youll still want your summary to make sense. Give it a quick read-over to make sure its clearly written. 8 Share your work with a buddy. Especially if this is for school, its a great idea to have a friend or family member read over your work. Theyll catch any mistakes youve missed. If you ask a fellow student, you can exchange summaries to help each other out!

harry potter book summary

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6 Dont include your opinion in the summary. The summary should be a neutral description of the book. Focus on the facts of the story. Dont write about how the book makes you healthy feel, or whether you agree or disagree with the author. 10 For instance, you could say, both Professor quirrell and Lord Voldemort disappear after failing to obtain the sorcerers Stone, instead of, It really sucks that Voldemort escapes because he is the worst and the author should have made sure he was captured. 7 Proofread to check for mistakes. Make sure youve spelled everything correctly. Read the summary out loud to find grammatical errors or misplaced commas. Double check your word count.

The reader experiences how amazing this is with Harry himself, whos new to this world as well. As the story goes on, its clear that something dark is happening at Hogwarts, and Harry needs his new friends, ron and Hermione, to figure out what. The end of the book focuses on a series of tests and trials that Harry could not make it through without relying on friendship and his mothers love. 5 Conclude by stating the books key idea. Finish your summary by stating what you feel is the lesson of the book. Refer back to your notes to remind yourself what theme came up again and again. This statement should be the last sentence of the summary. 9 For example: Rowling used her story to show that even talented people need friendship and love to overcome evil.

Harry, potter and the Philosopher's Stone by jk rowling

harry potter book summary

Harry, potter - jk rowling, book

Avoid jumping around between different parts of the book. Begin at the beginning and end at the ending to maintain the integrity of the original story. 3 Describe the major plot points and characters. Start by introducing the title and author of the book and then briefly describe what happened in the book. This should only take a few sentences. Think of it as your introduction.

8 you could say something like:. Rowlings Harry potter and the sorcerers Stone tells the story of a young, orphaned boy who discovers hes a wizard. He learns that there the is a whole wizarding World full of good bad witches and wizards during his first year as a student at Hogwarts. 4 Explain the main points of the books sections. Use your notes to summarize how the book unfolds. Spend a few sentences explaining what happens in each section, how they build on each other, and why the section is important to the overall point of the book. This part of the summary might look like: The first part of the book introduces the reader to what its like to be a wizard.

To demonstrate this, the main character keeps getting themselves into situations that are above their head because theyre prideful and arrogant. If youre reading a nonfiction book, the main idea might be something about history or society. Maybe the author wants to show readers that fast food is unhealthy, and the book brings up lots of examples to prove that point. Method 2, drafting and Editing the summary 1, check if there are length requirements for your summary. If youre writing your summary for a school assignment, there will probably be a limit to how much or little you can write. Make your summary as close to that limit as possible.

Too short will make it seem like you didnt read the book, and too long could mean that youre not really writing a summary. For example, if your word limit is 200, write between about 190 and 200 words. Even if youre writing a summary for your own use, consider keeping it on the short side. Having a summary under 500 words gives you a quick and easy reference tool. 2 Write the summary in chronological order. A summary should present the events in the sequence that they happened.

Summary, of the, harry, potter, series

Think about what the author spends the most time on in each section. Be sure to also consider how the sections relate to one another. 5 6, determine the books one key idea. As youre reading, think about what lesson the book is trying to teach. Notice what theme comes up again and again. It might be something that the characters always talk about, or a fatal flaw in people shmoop that causes problem after problem. 6, for example, the author may want to show readers that pride leads review people to make bad decisions.

harry potter book summary

To keep yourself from getting overwhelmed, think about the book in three parts. The story will have a paper beginning, middle, and end. Organize your notes based on these sections. The beginning will be focused on introducing the major characters and establishing the setting of the story. The middle will explore the major problem of the book, whether its a fight between good and evil or a murder mystery. The end will resolve the books major problem. 5, identify the main point of each section. Each section should have a specific theme and purpose.

but it also wont help you keep track of specific details. 3, keep a running list of the main characters. Write down the main characters names and a brief description of their personalities or major characteristics. Include a line or two about each of the main characters desires and goals. Use these notes to think about how the characters illustrate the main themes of the book. 3, you can also make a timeline of the major events that occur in the book, especially if the chronology is complicated or confusing. Keep multiple timelines if the story jumps back and forth between different plotlines. 4, break the book down into sections.

If the book doesnt belong to you, use sticky notes to mark the passages instead. 2, write notes while youre reading. Keep a notebook next to you while you read so you can jot down your thoughts. Taking notes as you read will allow you to record things correctly. This will create less work for you than if you try to go back and check on details later. 2, it might be hibernation a good idea to keep several different pieces of paper next to you for notes. One can be for general impressions and quick thoughts, another can be for lists of characters and events, and one more for recording the books major themes and ideas.

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We use cookies to make wikihow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Okay, sample book summaries, method 1, taking Notes. Annotate the text as you read. Annotating as you read will help you find important passages easily while you are writing the summary. Circle, highlight, or note anything thats confusing, important, surprising, or interesting. You can also mark repetition, inconsistencies, and connections between passages. 1, if the book belongs to you, feel free to highlight passages and write.

harry potter book summary
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For example, you can divide. Harry, potter and the sorcerer s Stone into three parts: First Term at Hogwarts; Uncovering Mysteries; and the Challenges to find the Stone. Harry, potter, answers User:Dianafa edytowany przez dianafa 2 godziny temu User talk:Pldhaze11.

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  1. Harry, potter is a series of fantasy novels written by British author. In the sixth book, harry, potter and the half-Blood Prince, voldemort begins waging open warfare. We now present the seventh and final installment in the epic tale. The heart of, book 7 is a heros mission not just.

  2. What is a christian to think of the. Harry, potter worldview and philosophies? I found extra meaning in this film because i recently read a book called looking for God in, harry, potter by john Granger.

  3. Harry, potter : a german-English Glossary - das. Chapter-specific glossary for, book. Chapter lexikon teil 1 teil 2 teil 3 main menu harry, potter, chapter Glossaries.

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