Where the red fern grows book report

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where the red fern grows book report

Where the red Fern Grows, notes

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His parents try to biography console him, but nothing works. The following spring, billy's family decides to move away from the country and into town, where the children can get a better education. The money from the hunting contest and all the money made from selling coonskins enabled them to move and this was what Mama had been praying for, for a long time. Right before they leave, billy goes to Old Dan and Little Ann's gravesite one more time to say goodbye. He is astonished at what he sees. A beautiful red fern had sprung up in between their mounds. Billy recalls the old Indian legend that says that red fern seeds can only be planted by angels, and once planted, they will live forever. Billy finally feels at peace with the death of his dogs.

where the red fern grows book report

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After a few weeks, billy is out hunting with his dogs. They are on the trail of what Billy thinks is a coon, but actually turns out to be a mountain lion. Old Dan and Little Ann get into a terrible fight with the lion. The resumes lion rips the dogs apart, especially Old Dan. The dogs save billy's life by jumping in between the lion and Billy. Finally, billy plunges his ax into the lion and kills him. Unfortunately, the wounds are too bad for Old Dan to take and he dies. Soon after, little Ann dies, as she has no will to live once plan Old Dan is dead. Billy is saddened by the death of his two dogs, but he does his duty and buries them up on the hillside.

On the final night of hunting, a terrible storm approaches. Billy's team gets caught in the storm, Old Dan and Little Ann get lost, and Grandpa falls and twists his ankle. Billy thinks all hope is lost and that his dogs are dead. The next morning, after the storm, the other hunters find Billy, papa, grandpa, and their judge. One of the hunters saw Billy's dogs and leads them right to them. They are frozen from the storm, but Billy revives them by warming them in a fire. Everyone makes their way back to the campground and Billy is awarded the gold cup as well as three hundred dollars in prize money.

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where the red fern grows book report

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Rubin falls on the ax and food dies. Billy is shaken up and goes home. He feels so badly about what happened to rubin that he cannot hunt for days and has nightmares for a while afterwards. Weeks pass and Grandpa tells Billy about a championship coon hunting contest about to take place. Billy is excited and Grandpa has already entered Old Dan and Little Ann.

For the past couple of months, Grandpa has been keeping track of how many coons Old Dan and Little Ann have caught manager and it is more than any other hunter around. Grandpa is confidant Billy's dogs can win the championship gold cup. Grandpa, papa, billy, and the dogs leave for the contest. Before the hunt, little Ann wins a silver cup for first place in a beauty contest. The hunt begins and Old Dan and Little Ann make it to the finals.

Old Dan barks at a lion walking outside near the cave and Billy senses that Old Dan is going to be a tough and determined dog. He assesses that Little Ann is going to be the smart dog of the two. Once home, billy immediately starts to train his dogs how to hunt raccoons. Billy takes the dogs out every night. They learn quickly and they also do everything together.

Billy quickly learns that he has two great hunting hounds. They will stop at nothing to tree a coon. Billy and his dogs have all sorts of adventures in the river bottoms of the ozarks. Eventually, billy's name starts to get around (with the help of Grandpa's bragging) and his dogs develop a reputation for their coon hunting skills. One afternoon at Grandpa's store, the mean Pritchard boys, rubin and rainie, bet Billy that his dogs cannot tree the "ghost coon." Grandpa and Billy take on their bet and that night, the hunt starts. Old Dan and Little Ann tree the coon, but the Pritchard boys' dog, a blue tick hound, picks a fight with Old Dan. Just as Rubin is about to go after Old Dan with Billy's ax, billy trips Rubin.

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He works for two years in his Grandpa's store, picking huckleberries, and selling bait to local fisherman in order to save the fifty dollars needed to buy the hounds. At writing the end of the two years, billy has enough money and he finally orders his dogs. He walks to a nearby town, tahlequah, and picks up his dogs. He couldn't be happier; he has all he has ever wanted. Billy makes his way back home with his new dogs. He has to sleep overnight in a cave and this is when he decides on the names for his two new pups. He calls the male Old Dan, and the female little Ann. This is also the first time billy gets to see what his dogs' personalities are like.

where the red fern grows book report

These free notes consist of about 66 pages (19,752 words) and contain the following sections: These free notes also contain,"s and. Themes topics on, where the red Fern Grows by wilson Rawls. Billy colman, now a grown man, reflects back on the year he got his dogs and the events that happened afterwards. Billy, a ten-year old boy from the ozarks, has an unyielding desire to have two hunting hounds of his own. He repeatedly asks his parents for the dogs, but considering their financial situation, they have to tell Billy. Hunting hounds are too expensive and Papa has a farm to take care of, as elements well as Mama, billy, and Billy's three sisters. One day while out in the woods, billy finds a fisherman's catalogue. In the back of the magazine is an advertisement for redbone hunting hounds. Billy is determined to have the dogs.

for each. Continue reading, what's the story? Continue reading, book details. Author: Wilson Rawls, genre: Animals, topics: Adventures, cats, dogs, and Mice, great boy role models, wild Animals book type: Fiction Publisher: Delacorte Press Publication date: January 1, 1961 Number of pages: 212 Continue reading Themes topics Browse titles with similar subject matter. Adventures see all Cats, dogs, and Mice see all Great boy role models see all Wild Animals see all Our editors recommend Shiloh In taut, unforgettable drama, nothing is simple. Age 9 Charlie's raven Charlie believes a raven can cure his grandfather. Age 8 Top advice and articles How Comics Helped my kid love reading. The free, where the red Fern Grows notes include comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book.

User reviews, parent of a 10 and 11 year old Written by litmom123. January 28, 2011 age 8, writing good, but not without faults. This book has a decent story but the writing is sometimes repetitive and some of the scenes are completely pointless. For example, there is a scene in the book. Continue reading, parent of a 13 year old Written. Tsion, april 5, 2009 age 8, kid, 12 years old September 1, 2010 age 7, great book, great, im 12, read it, cried a llitle, laughed a little. At the edge of my seat the whole time! Recommend it for all ages! Teen, 14 years old Written.

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Jump to navigation, common Sense says, a lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in you this book. Respect, patience, courage and faithfulness are all important themes peppered throughout this emotionally satisfying read. Positive role models representations, billy is honest, noble, as faithful as his dogs, and he perseveres against daunting obstacles. Violence, children fight, billy's mother uses a switch to punish him, many scenes of hunting and killing animals, some rather gruesome. A boy is killed accidentally when he falls on. Once instance of mild swearing, and "bitch" is used as the correct name for a female dog. Consumerism, drinking, Drugs smoking, an adult smokes a pipe; alcohol is taken on a trip, though drinking is not depicted.

where the red fern grows book report
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  1. Plot summary of Where the red Fern Grows by wilson Rawls. Email the Where the. Red Fern Grows book notes to a friend Share the Where the red Fern. Where the red Fern Grows Summary - where the red Fern Grows by wilson Rawls Summar y and Analysis.

  2. Read Common Sense media s Whe re the red Fern Grows review, age rating, and parents guide. Monday, i finished Where the red Fern Grows by wilson Rawls. Though I needed a box of tissues to get through the end of the book, i loved.

  3. Free summary and analysis of the events in Wilson Rawls s Where the red Fern G rows. Seriously, most of this book is Billy in the woods hunting with his dogs. Tearjerker about country boy and his hound dogs.

  4. This depends on where in the book you mean. Where the red Fern Grows (1974) on imdb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more. Chapters 1-v what memories are stirred in the narrator s mind when he sees the warm gray eyes of the friendly old hound? Answer: The narrator had fond.

  5. A short summary of Wilson Rawls s Where the red Fern Grows. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Where the red Fern Grows. Where the red Fern Grows study guide contains a biography of Wilson Rawls, quiz qu estions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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