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Kaede then shows up, and Kotetsu finds out that she is aware of his identity as Wild Tiger. When the other heroes still won't listen, she grows frustrated and inadvertently uses the memory Implantation power she had unknowingly copied from maverick. This brings the other heroes back to normal, much to kotetsu's relief, and he introduces them to his daughter. Soon after, barnaby arrives and Kotetsu asks kaede to fix Barnaby's memories as well. Only to discover that, thanks to sky high having touched her shoulder, kaede has now copied his power and lost the use of the previous one. Kotetsu leaves the other heroes on the rooftop, telling Rock bison to look after kaede if anything bad happens. In his flight, he drops in on saito 's workshop and is overjoyed that the latter remembers him. Saito provides him with his usual hero suit and accompanying motorcycle, and Kotetsu's efforts to restore his partner's memories of him resume - to no avail.

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He calls maverick, suggesting that Barnaby had visited the former's office while he was out and was subsequently kidnapped. Kotetsu then mentions his plan to visit Samantha's house in the hopes that she is there - and, after waiting a lengthy amount of time for paperwork her, ends up falling asleep on her couch. When next he tries to enter Apollon Media, lloyds doesn't recognize him and and his employee badge won't work. Soon, a newscast identifies him as a homicidal next responsible for Samantha's death and Kotetsu is forced to run for his life as not only the entire city, but the other heroes come after him. Forced to deal with one hero after another, kotetsu is shocked and frustrated to discover that none of the heroes remember him to be wild Tiger and tries to remind them of previous interactions with him. To add insult to injury, the appearance of a fake wild Tiger further increases Kotetsu's problems. Albert maverick also took the opportunity to make it even worse for Kotetsu by removing him from the Apollon database. After witnessing footage of maverick delivering a press conference, kotetsu finally realizes that the former is responsible for his current predicament. He then encounters Ben, who provides him with his original hero costume, and prepares to turn things around as the real Wild Tiger. Back in his original costume, kotetsu confronts the other heroes on Apollon Media's rooftop and tries to jog their memories by mentioning secrets about each of them that only someone close to them would know. The heroes, unfortunately, remain unconvinced and prepare to resume their attacks.

In an attempt to help his great partner's mental state, kotetsu suggests they retrace barnaby's steps on the day of his parents' deaths. Unfortunately, this leads to barnaby overhearing a phone conversation between Kotetsu and kaede and thus learns in the worst way possible of Kotetsu's intentions to quit the hero business. He and Kotetsu have an argument, kotetsu slaps him across the face on the spur of the moment, and Barnaby ultimately activates his Hundred Power and flees. Not long after, kotetsu finds he is unable to contact Barnaby and ends up receiving a summons from maverick. Kotetsu talks about his concern for the missing Barnaby, and finds a decorative pin on the floor of maverick's office which he first believes to be his own. During their conversation, he receives a call from Samantha, who has a photograph to show him - and so he heads out to meet her, not knowing that maverick had been trying to drug him the entire time. Before kotetsu can see samantha, however, an attack (courtesy of maverick) occurs and he is called into action with the other heroes. By the time he gets back to Apollon Media, samantha appears to have left. When Kotetsu stumbles across a second decorative pin in his car, he realizes that the one from maverick's office must have been Barnaby's.

resume bunny

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Subsequent uses of his power run out before the 5-minute time limit. After a radio interview where kotetsu mentions his supposed "power-up he receives a call to meet with his old boss and friend Ben. Kotetsu then learns that his powers are gradually fading, and must face the fact that he will likely have to quit being a hero. He ends up returning to his hometown to visit his family and collect his thoughts, and his time there results in him reaching a final decision to resign. Mistaken Memories Edit professional with Once Kriem wakes from her coma and informs Kotetsu and Barnaby that jake hadn't been responsible for the Brooks' deaths, kotetsu checks the video footage from the hero battles to verify her story. He discovers that jake has no ouroboros tattoo, which leads to his Barnaby having a mental breakdown when his memories of the incident start to unravel. Meanwhile, kotetsu puts off telling Barnaby and the other heroes of his decision to quit, much to the dismay of his family - who are trying to deal with kaede's developing next powers in his absence.

He then has saito construct a combined ultrasonic-flash bomb, which the injured Kotetsu hand-delivers to barnaby on the battlefield. As a result, barnaby is able to win and Kotetsu regains his partner's trust. Powers in Decline Edit Ten months after the incident with jake, wild Tiger and Barnaby have become both well-known and popular. Additionally, their relationship has greatly improved and Lloyds is now adamant that Kotetsu not even consider quitting being a hero. As a result of their new popularity, the duo become the focus of numerous photoshoots and tv appearances, which Lloyds often prioritizes over actual hero work. They even end up performing alongside Blue rose in a live concert. During said concert, when a criminal steals Blue rose's bag, kotetsu's usual Hundred Power seems to gain a boost in strength as he finds himself running faster and jumping farther than he would usually.

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resume bunny

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However, tomoe passed away five years prior to the series' start from an illness, leaving Kotetsu lonely. Storyline, edit, series One, edit, the first Hero tag-team, edit, kotetsu's previous sponsor, the fictional publication company. Top mag, is bought out by, apollon Media in the first episode and his new employers force him to work alongside rookie hero. As the first hero tag-team. They don't get along, as their beliefs and fighting tactics are complete opposites. This results in several disastrous incidents due to their utter lack of teamwork. Jake martinez and a city held Captive.

Edit, during the hero battles versus jake, wild Tiger is chosen as the third opponent and ends up being the only one who lands a hit against jake - by sheer accident. Even despite his 5-minute time limit running out, he bags continues to fight and trips, injuring jake with an accidental dropkick. This drives jake into an angry frenzy, and he beats Kotetsu up so badly that the latter ends up in the icu. Later, during Barnaby's match, kotetsu regains consciousness and has an epiphany about jake's powers. The other heroes try to stop him from leaving the hospital, but he puts on a show of seemingly speeding up his own healing using his Hundred Power to prevent them from worrying.

This encounter with. Legend inspired young Kotetsu to later become a hero himself. During his high school years, kotetsu became known for never having lost a fight, which drew the attention. Antonio, a then-gang leader from the next town over. Though Antonio repeatedly called Kotetsu out to fight him, it wasn't until the members of his gang kidnapped Kotetsu's classmate.

Tomoe to use as bait. Kotetsu was surprised to discover upon arriving at the gang's location that Antonio was a next, but the two fought regardless. After a while, having reached a standstill, it was revealed that Antonio hadn't known of Tomoe's kidnapping and both boys demanded to know where she was being kept. The warehouse pointed out by the gang members suddenly burst into flames, and Kotetsu used his powers to rescue tomoe. When Antonio asked why kotetsu hadn't used his powers during their fight, kotetsu stated that he had decided only to use his powers to save people, like a true hero. The encounter led Antonio to choose a similar path - deciding only to use his powers to protect people - and the two met repeatedly after that, still trying to determine who was stronger while also becoming fast friends. Tomoe would later go on to become kotetsu's wife, and they had a daughter named.

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Additionally, kotetsu seems to be rather oblivious to romance, as Karina's feelings for him often go unnoticed. His favorite food is fried rice, and it is the only food he learned to cook for himself. Pao-lin told Karina that Kotetsu makes really delicious fried rice. Wild Tiger became surgery a super hero at the age of 10 2, he was present during an attempted bank robbery which was foiled by the veteran hero. "That makes you a hero too!". One of the criminals took kotetsu hostage and the latter activated his next powers out of stress and fear, sending his captor flying across the room with a punch. Kotetsu believed that anyone near him while his power was active plan would be hurt, but. Legend convinced him otherwise and told him that his power was meant to save people.

resume bunny

When a bomb threat was issued against Fortress Tower, kotetsu was able to quickly deduce the location of the bomb based solely on the strange behaviour of the elevator maintenance man. He was also the first one to figure out jake martinez's second power which is to hear the thoughts of others. Kotetsu realized this after jake called him therapist by his civilian name even though he never revealed it to him. Because of his superhero duties and his dedication to them, he is often forced to spend time away from his daughter, who resents him in the beginning of the story as he never visits her or keeps his promises to her. Despite this, she loves him and grows to respect him once she finds out the truth, even encouraging him to follow his heart the way his late wife did. He dearly loved his wife who in fact was the inspiration for him being a hero, as she encouraged him to help others. He still loves her and thinks of her fondly, as he still wears his wedding ring despite her passing several years prior.

is often overlooked or flat-out ignored. Nonetheless, kotetsu acts as a (self-proclaimed) senior to the rest of the heroes and shows an almost fatherly concern for the younger ones in particular. Kotetsu does often have genuine wisdom and advice to offer, and always tries to do whats best for the group. He is a kind person who thinks about the wellbeing of others before himself. He keeps his true feelings bottled up in order to avoid troubling others and is always there to help a friend and provide them support. This earns him the respect of his co workers, most notably barnaby, as the series progresses. As stated by barnaby, once he commits, he will never let a person down. Though Barnaby appears to be more intelligent than Kotetsu (Barnaby relies on intellect while kotetsu relies on instinct kotetsu can be quite perceptive.

(In short he represents the pure ideology of heroism from real world comics.) As a result he often charges off and does his own thing, regardless of Agnes's instructions to boost ratings (and much to barnaby's exasperation as it either costs them points or gets. This also tends to cause a lot of property damage, much to the dismay of his sponsors and company. He dislikes doing things like photo shoots and interviews when he could be out in the field, and is shown to adore former hero 'mr Legend often watching recordings of him when he's feeling down. Legend inspired Kotetsu to become a hero, telling him that next powers can be used to protect those they care about; Kotetsu lived by those words ever since, often telling others the same. Despite paperwork believing that heroes should worry about the people first and shouldn't be recognized, he dislikes it when people disregard him and dislikes not getting some points (though people's lives still come first). He can be stubborn and at times a little slow, though there are times when he can think analytically and will sacrifice himself if it is for the better good. Though Kotetsu often acts bumbling, goofy and playful and is shown to be a klutz, he is actually deeply troubled by his personal circumstances and often tries to drink his sorrows away. He can be clueless of the feelings of others and a little rude at times, but means well. He can also be irresponsible, often breaking promises with kaede due to his superhero business.

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I'm a hero because i want to help people. Isn't that enough reason? Wild Tiger, Episode 04, kotetsu. Kaburagi (t aka, wild Tiger is one of the series' main protagonists and a veteran hero whose lack of regard for collateral damage when fighting crime had earned him the nickname the "Crusher for Justice" for the wrong reasons by the public. He starts the series as one of the least popular heroes. Sternbild City, but he seems to care more about helping the people of the city rather than earning resume ratings, points, or fame, a trait many seem to disapprove. Personality, edit, kotetsu has a very traditional view of being a hero, concerning himself primarily with protecting civilians and making sure justice is served.

resume bunny
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